Sunday, 25 May 2014

Portsmouth FC- Fratton Park

Portsmouth 0-1 Everton (Premiership, January 14th 2006)
Portsmouth 2-0 Everton (Premiership, December 9th 2006)
Portsmouth 2-1 Everton (Premier League, March 21st 2009)
Portsmouth 0-1 Everton (Premier League, September 26th 2009)
Stands I’ve Been in: Milton End
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £30
Attendance (1st Visit): 20,094
Address: Frtton Park, Frogmore Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, PO4 8RA


Have drove twice and got the train twice. Its just too far for driving, horrible neverending trip. The train is a lot of hassle, but its infinitely better than driving all that way.

The Tudor main entrance, 2006

Food & Drink

Proper old school ground, in the heart of its community, so loads to do. Always head over to the Good Companion, which is the designated away pub and is always decent and has the TV games on.

The Milton End, pre roof! 2006

Inside the Ground

That away end…*shudder* at least it’s got a roof now! I went twice when there was no roof and it was horrible cold and rainy both times, both visits with a roof, it’s been absolutely gorgeous! Think I’m a jinx. The seated area is actually the least of your worries, it's the er…refreshment and toileting facilities that really take the mick…

The South Stand, 2009


Always good. Pompey fans make plenty of noise, and now the away end has a roof, we can make some back! The stewards are always cool with us about standing too, so it’s usually one of our better aways for making some noise.

The Fratton End, 2009

Anything Else

First time I went, the crush for the toilets was so bad, most of the fellas started using the ladies. I was in the toilet myself, so when I came out and found a load of fellas in the queue, I thought I’d gone in the wrong one! One bloke had a little lad with him about 10, and when he saw me looking at him puzzled, he said, Little Britain style, “I am a lady! I am using a lady’s toilet!” Brilliant improvisation!

The North Stand, 2006


The away end is a dump, it’s miles away, it’s incredibly frustrating to get to…but I always seem to enjoy it while I’m there.

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