Friday, 23 May 2014

Grimsby Town FC- Blundell Park

Visits: 2
Grimsby Town 1-0 Wigan Athletic (League Cup 1st Round, August 24th 2004)
Grimsby Town 1-1 Gateshead (Conference Premier Play Off Semi Final 1st Leg, May 1st 2014)
Stands I’ve Been in: Osmond Stand, Pontoon Stand
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £16
Attendance (1st Visit):  3,005
Address: Blundell Park, Cleethorpes, DN35 7PY


Got on the coach…took bloody forever! I never realised before how wide this country is! The coach driver also missed the turning at the ground and was a brave man to attempt the bizarre turn in the road he managed to! Drove on my second visit, and its a nice straightforward drive. Despite the ground being surrounded so completely with side streets, there are no residents only areas, and parking, along with getting away afterwards, is absolutely no problem.

The Findus Stand towers above the houses surrounding the ground, against Gateshead 2014

Food & Drink

Couple of chippies and pubs and a McDonalds around. I made the mistake of waiting until I got inside the ground and ended up with the most vile hot dog I think I’ve ever tasted…and given most hot dogs are vile…went to a chippy on my second visit. With so many pubs around the ground, you cant fail really.

The towering Findus Stand from the Pontoon End against Gateshead, 2014

Inside the Ground

Away end is very basic, lots of pillars but it was unreserved seating that night and only about 100 of us so had no problems there! The ground itself isnt bad, despite its age and problems. There are pillars on all four sides, just the Findus Lower has an unrestricted view, but the ground has a decent feel to it. The black and white stripes pattern on the seats in the Pontoon is good, while although the Findus Stand is much bigger than the other 3 sides, it still fits somehow.

The teams line up in front of the Main Stand against Gateshead, 2014


Given there was a very low crowd on, the atmosphere was pretty good. Imagine it would be far better with a bigger crowd on, as it did echo around a bit being so empty. Much bigger crowd and a big occasion on my second visit, and as expected, the atmosphere was very good indeed.

View from the away end for a Cup game with Wigan, 2004

Anything Else?

I recognise that my review of Grimsby isn’t the most complimentary…but I think I really needed a revisit, as it was my first away game and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a pretty bad day all around, and I think I judged it unfairly not knowing what to expect. I’ve been to far worse places since, but my opinion of Blundell Park was still always low because of that first visit. So Grimsby fans, don’t take it to heart! Having now given it the benefit of a revisit, I quite enjoyed it there.

The Pontoon End at full time against Gateshead, 2014


Given the benefit of a revisit and 10 years away day experience, not a bad ground at all for its size, and location wise its as good a ground as you’ll get so far from town.

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