Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Chorley FC- Victory Park

Chorley 1-5 Leigh Genesis (UniBond League First Division North, February 27th 2010)
Chorley 3-2 Mossley (UniBond League First Division North, March 23rd 2010)
Chorley 0-0 Halifax Town (FA Cup 4th Qualifying Round, October 25th 2014)
Stands I’ve Been in: All of them!
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £3.50
Attendance (1st Visit): 260
Address: Victory Park, Duke Street, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 3DU


It’s very hidden! I’d been working in Chorley for around 18 months, and despite driving past the ground so many times, I’d never ever known it was there. As a result, when I turned up for this game, I was late and missed the kick off because when I finally found the ground, I was at the wrong end of the ground and they only have one set of turnstiles open! Parking is no problem given the size of the crowds Chorley get, I turned up at 2.55 and still got parked right next to it on the main road.

Food & Drink

Like most clubs at this level, there is the social club in one corner of the ground for drinks. They also have a pretty decent snack bar with a pretty wide selection of hot food. Never sampled any as I’d ate before I came out, but the soup in particular looked very tempting.

Rare segregation in place for the Halifax FA Cup game, 2014

Inside the Ground

It’s old, but a fair size for it’s level. One big fair sized covered terrace at one end, a smaller covered one behind the other, the seated Main Stand, and an old school grass verge type terrace along one side.

The Main Stand against Leigh, 2010


The atmosphere in a ground that big with only 200 odd inside isn’t going to be brilliant. There was a bit of singing from the Leigh fans when they were well ahead, but most of the noise came from lone Chorley fans yelling at their team! Given the performance, I can’t blame them!

Big crowd for an FA Cup tie with Halifax, 2014

Anything Else

The grass bank, 2010


Enjoyable and relaxed enough. From ground geek perspective too, enough to keep me interested!

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