Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Doncaster Rovers FC- Belle Vue

Visits: 1
Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Colchester United (League One, March 21st 2006)
Stands I’ve Been in: Town End Terrace
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £15
Attendance (1st Visit): 4,262


My SatNav went a bit crazy thanks to changing road layouts around the M62/ M1/ M18 but no real problems. As long as you follow signs for the racecourse, you can’t miss the ground. Parked at the Dome for £2.50, quick getting out, good stuff.

The Main Stand

Food & Drink

The refreshments were cheap but I didn’t get any food. Did have a hot chocolate that tasted more like hot water with a Twix dipped in, but it was that cold a night, it hit the spot!

Colchester fans in the Rossington End

Inside the Ground

The lack of cover around a lot of the ground didn’t help the atmosphere, most of which understandably came from the Popular Side covered terrace. I was on the Town End Terrace, which was uncovered, but the steps were very steep so the view was excellent. Can’t complain really, it didn’t rain. The old Rossington Terrace for away fans behind the opposite goal was uncovered too.

The Popular Terrace


As above, not the greatest, given that the two ends are uncovered, and any atmosphere was completely reliant on the Popular Terrace. Freezing Tuesday night against Colchester? Not the most attractive of fixtures I’d guess so the atmosphere was alright, but not the greatest on my one visit there.

The uncovered Town End

Anything Else


I enjoyed it, you need old grounds like this for some good balance, and given that the old Town End had been rebuilt after being condemned in the Conference days, I’ve been on far worse terraces. Much preferred it to the Keepmoat too, but that’s me being an old school bod!

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