Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Luton Town FC- Kenilworth Road

Visits: 1
Luton Town 0-1 Everton AET (League Cup 4th Round, October 31st 2007)
Stands I’ve Been in: Oak Road End
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £14
Attendance (1st Visit): 8,944
Address: 1 Maple Road, Luton, LU4 8AW


Take a SatNav! The ground wasn’t signposted at all on leaving the M1. Definitely worth taking a SatNav anyway just in case they decide to close the M1 after the game…meaning a four hour detour! Parking wasn’t bad, parked at the Bedfordshire Yeoman pub about 5 minutes from the ground for £3 and it was great for getting out after as well.

The infamous Oak Road End turnstiles!

Food & Drink

The above mentioned Bedforshire Yeoman welcomes away fans and is absolutely massive inside, despite not looking it! Also in need of naming is the Halal Chippy on the bridge near the ground, nicest chips near a football ground anywhere.

The Executive Stand

Inside the Ground

Oooooh where do I start? The fact that the away turnstiles are embedded into a row of houses is well documented. That description just doesn’t do it justice. The steps up to the seats once you’re in overlooked people’s back gardens, one lad said he could a bloke sat in his dining room eating his tea! There was a tiny alleyway separating the Executive Stand from another row of houses (something surely to be said for light pollution there!)
The away end…hmm…there’s no way of saying it nicely, an utter hole! No legroom whatsoever, even for a shorty like me (I think all visiting fans who have been to Luton can be identified by the bruises on their knees!) two rows of pillars, a stand too shallow that I couldn’t actually see the bottom of the net (players kept hitting shots low into the corners, and I couldn’t tell where they went!) the steps are also a bit weird, the seats are that close together, standing up is just as uncomfortable, because the standing space in front of your seat has half a step on it! The step is too narrow to stand on, and if you don’t stand on it when everyone stands up, you can’t see over the person in fronts head!

The Main Stand


Not brilliant. The away end is brilliant acoustically though reminded me a lot of Peterborough with seats.

The Kenilworth Road End

Anything Else


Bad, in all honesty. The area around the ground has it’s quirky little personality, but once you’re in, it loses all that charm! They really need a new ground, more than any other team I’ve seen

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