Saturday, 24 May 2014

Plymouth Argyle FC- Home Park

Visits: 1
Plymouth Argyle 1-3 Everton (FA Cup 3rd Round, January 8th 2005)
Stands I’ve Been in: Barn Park End
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £20
Attendance (1st Visit): 20,112
Address: Home Park, Plymouth, PL2 3DQ


Drove all the way…it’s a looooong way! Straightforward though, and there is a big car park right next to the ground and it was free!

Approaching the ground from the park

Food & Drink

Retail park across the road from the ground, but the city centre isn’t that far away so we ended up heading there. Oh, and they sell Ginster’s stuff inside the ground, what’s not to like?

Away fans in the Barn Park End

Inside the Ground

It’s a bit tight underneath the stand, but the ground has been mostly modernised on three sides, leaving only the old Mayflower Enclosure behind. That was still terraced when I went, but has since been seated.

Mayflower Enclosure, pitch level


Brilliant when I went, but then it was a big FA Cup game, evening kick off and I just can’t imagine it’s that good all the time! The stewards were a pain though, kicking off at us for standing up and throwing people out. At one point, Plymouth fans started singing at us “2-0 and you still don’t sing,” to which a lad behind me responded “How the hell are we supposed to sing when we’re not allowed to stand up?”

The Lyndhurst Stand

Anything Else

It all got very funny when we scored our 3rd goal late on, we scored and celebrated as usual, and all the little scallies in the Mayflower Enclosure started trying to scale the fence to get at us! Hilarious bit of wannabee hooliganism!

The Devonport End at full time


It’s a good day out and being surrounded by a massive park, it’s one of the more picturesque grounds around.

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