Monday, 29 February 2016

FC Koln- Rheinenergiestadion

FC Koln 0-1 Hertha Berlin (Bundesliga, February 26th 2016)
Stands I’ve Been in: West Tribune
Ticket Price (1st Visit): 41 Euros
Attendance (1st Visit): 48,900
Address: Aachener Strasse 999. 50933, Koln, Germany


Like most German clubs, Cologne has excellent public transport all over the city. One of the city tramlines stops right outside the ground, and is easily accessible from the city centre. They get very busy though! The station guards were physically pushing people on to get the doors shut after the game!

Ground exterior

Food & Drink

There are several bars on the streets along the tram route, while there is also plenty at the ground. The food is decent, the German staple of bratwurst and brotchen being an obvious winner, as well as massive pizza slices for 4 Euros. They also sell beer of course, which you are allowed to drink in your seats...all of the bars and food outlets stay open all through and after the game to encourage people to stay around for a couple more and wait for the crowds to go down if they want.

The Ost Tribune during the club anthem

Inside the Ground

The ground is very 'English' in style. No running track around the pitch, the stands are very close and intimate, and the views are good all round, with four large two tiered stands. Unlike English grounds of a similar size of course, are the standing areas, the whole of the Sud lower containing the Koln Ultras, while a corner of the Nord is also terraced for the away fans.  

The Nord end of the ground


Incredible. Ive been to other games in Germany before, but never as a home fan. The fans in the Sud Kurve never stopped all game, and the singing of the club anthem before kick off was something to behold. 

The Sud Kurve

Anything Else

Koln famously have a live goat as their mascot, Hennes. There is something very comical about playing the Rocky theme song and bringing out this little bewildered goat while the crowd goes crazy!

Hertha Berlin fans and players celebrate a narrow win


A beautiful city with loads to do, fantastic transport links, and just an absolutely brilliant place to watch football. Everybody needs to go there, now.

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