Saturday, 9 August 2014

Cambridge United FC- Abbey Stadium

Visits: 1
Cambridge United 1-0 Plymouth Argyle (League Two, August 9th 2014)
Stands I’ve Been in: Newmarket Road End
Ticket Price (1st Visit): £16
Attendance (1st Visit): 6,009


Loads of street parking right near the ground, and didnt take that long getting back to the A14, especially considering there were roadworks.

Welcome to Cambridge United

Food & Drink

Couple of bars on site at the ground, but its only a 15 minute walk or so and plenty of pubs in the city centre. Didnt have anything inside the ground.

The team lines up in front of the Main Stand as a League club for the first time in 9 years

Inside the Ground

Half and half standing and seating and all covered! Away fans get the newest all seater South Stand, as well as half the Habbin Terrace down the side if the demand is there. The all seater Main Stand runs down the other touchline, with the Newmarket Road End Terrace behind the goal.  

The Habbin Terrace


It was a huge occasion for Cambridge, with it being their first game back in the Football League after 9 years away, but unlike a pretty sterile occasion at Mansfield for their first game back 12 months ago, the atmosphere more than matched the occasion. Plymouth brought a healthy number up with them, but not a clue how much noise they made because but for a little lull after they missed a penalty first half, it was pretty relentless from the Cambridge fans.

The Newmarket Road End just before kick off

Anything Else

Special moment when the winning goal was scored, coming from local boy Josh Coulsen, Ive seen very few goals that were celebrated as wildly as that one. It wasnt just a wild celebration, but one of those where you could just feel the relief all around the place, and that all the crap of the last few years was behind them and didnt matter anymore. Great moment.

Cambridge about to miss a penalty in front of the Plymouth fans in the South Stand


Its far from perfect, but a quality little ground with a great atmosphere. Good city to visit too if you can put up with all the cyclists!

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