Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Crawley Town FC- Broadfield Stadium

Visits: 1
Crawley Town 3-2 Gillingham (League One, September 7th 2013)
Stands I’ve Been in: North Terrace
Ticket Price (1st Official Visit): £17
Attendance (1st Visit): 3,984
Address:  Winfield Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9RX


One of the easiest grounds to drive to and park there is. Motorway all the way, the ground is just off the M23, and you pass two free parking areas on either side of the dual carriageway, so you can pick which one depending on which way you’re going when you come out. Couldnt be better.

Ground main entrance

Food & Drink

Not a lot really near the ground, it seems quite isolated. I took a LONG walk looking for something and got bored so ended up stopping at a pub for some dinner! Good food, but not a walk Id recommend!

Crawley fans in the Bruce Winfield Terrace

Inside the Ground

It still feels very non league, which I suppose is obvious given Crawley’s rapid rise. A small covered terrace at either end, with the decent looking seated main stand on the west of the ground, and the tent like East Stand which replaced an old uncovered terrace is pretty reminiscent of the South Stand at Bristol Rovers!

Gills fans in the North Terrace


Pretty awful actually. Crawley fans have a drum…thats never good. Though it was a big improvement all over the ground in the second half when all the goals and red cards started going on!

The West Stand, as Gillingham celebrate a goal

Anything Else

This was the first game at Crawley’s newly sponsor named ‘Check a Trade.com Stadium.’ Bad enough they were playing a silly jingle over the tannoy before the game…they then played it again after each of the Crawley goals! Cue the Gills fans singing ‘that was embarrassing!’

Both sets of fans in the East Stand


Not a fan. The terraces behind the goals are so shallow, your view is blocked by the goal unless you’re on the back row on your tiptoes! Very non league, but then I guess Crawley dont need any bigger right now. And it least has cover all over.

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