Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bradford Bulls RLFC- Odsal

Visits: 1
Bradford Bulls 6-46 Leeds Rhinos (Super League XIX, April 17th 2014)
Stands I’ve Been in: Away terrace
Ticket Price (1st Official Visit): £20
Attendance (1st Visit): 10,106
Address: Odsal Stadium, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD6 1DS


Its right off the M606, which is only really as problem because it causes the traffic to back up. As it was so busy when I arrived, I just parked at the sports centre across the street from the turnstiles, and got out pretty handy…only to find they close the road that leads back to the M606, so be warned and be aware you need to know another way home!

View from the grass banks at the back of the terracing

Food & Drink

There is a pub just opposite the ground, but inside is just fine. Its a very odd set up, as there is just an absolute succession of burger and food vans and bars scattered about at the top of the terraces. Huge choice so cater for every taste.

Mostly Bradford fans in the side terrace

Inside the Ground

Its very old…the site is enormous, you can see how the place used to hold so many, but its looking very unloved these days, with a lot of sections of the terrace cordoned off. Uncovered terraces make up for two and a bit sides of the ground, the all seater Provident Stand down one side, and then the weird corporate Coral Stand behind the sticks.

The odd Coral Stand


The fact the majority of the ground is uncovered meant it was pretty dire. Didnt help that it was such a one sided game, as the Bradford fans were understandably pretty miserable, while the Leeds fans it seems just couldnt be bothered. Disappointing all round.

Predominantly Leeds fans behind the posts

Anything Else

View from the side terrace


Im glad Ive been there, it has a lot of good things about it, but its generally now really showing its age, and given Bradford’s problems on and off the pitch, it wont be changing any time soon.

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